Thursday, February 8, 2018

Upcoming Travels

c. 2015 Lisa Marten
24x30 mixed media on canvas
painted live at Ke Aha Vineyard, Maui

I've got some exciting news to share with you about my upcoming travels. As you've probably noticed my last art ministry trip had a different feel and focus than most. 

Over the last several years I've been listening in and joining the conversation that's going on across the waters in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (specifically upon a tiny island within the Hawaiian Island chain called Maui). With each art ministry trip to Maui that I've taken, my ears have been tuned more acutely to the conversation that God is having there. And it's becoming clearer that my unique voice is continuing to be invited in. There's a resounding heartbeat upon the wave sets that has been calling me forward. "Come. Come and See. Come. Come Follow Me." And with each wave set my heart has been syncing with it. 

So after years of being invited into the conversation on Maui...after years of travel and connection, dreams and images, art and creativity, songs and dance, tears and laughter, words and stories poured out and poured in....after years of prayer and conversations with so many people linking my heart within the Tribe there on Maui...

I'm ready for the next step. 

I will be moving over to Maui in September of this year to fully  come alongside Ke Aha Vineyard church (located in Kahului) through creativity to those they reach out to on a daily basis.  I'm committing for a year with the chance to evaluate for longer term as the story unfolds. 

This is a decision that hasn't come lightly or truly has been a journey and process of multiple conversations and lots of prayer with many involved here at home and over there.

As you  know, I have said this many times....I may be the one traveling, but it's really not about me...and it's really not about the art (though art can be a language that is spoken that builds bridges across cultures and nations and peoples)'s about God's heart for people and His heart to love and want us actively  involved in that love. And Oh how He loves in creative ways! 

One of the ways that I get to be a part of the conversation and love on people in creative by being sent out from my local church and local Commissioning Group to GO and travel globally to those who are already serving locally (whether that be in other countries or whether that be in the U.S.)...I come alongside  others through creativity, in what they're already doing, to whom they're already reaching.  And it becomes a partnership...with Him, with them, with you, with me. 

This time I get to come alongside Ke Aha Vineyard church of Maui, for much more than a short term trip. I get to become a part of them on a daily least for awhile. :) 

And that means you're invited to continue to come along with me on this journey and be a part of it all. 

I want to keep you informed as I prepare for this new exciting artistic adventure across the waters. I will need your prayers and support as I venture out into uncharted territory full time. And you are part of this continuing creative conversation with me. Your voice matters in all of this and I appreciate you. 

I will keep posting updates here over the next 7 months as I prepare to GO so that you can hear the story behind this process. And I will continue posting during the year, while I'm living on Maui and serving through creativity, so you can get the chance to experience it with me. 

You can follow me here on this blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram. And if you'd like to help provide  financially for art supplies and other expenses while I serve through creativity, please contact me at: to learn how you can. 

For the time being I am putting a hold on all other global travel (at least for the year that I've committed to the conversation on Maui) but I will re-evaluate  for future trips as the story unfolds (staying open to listening to His voice throughout all of this). I know there are many more places to journey to and conversations to be a part of (and perhaps to revisit), but for now I will need to focus and tune my ears to Maui (as this has been long in coming and it is time). 

Thank you again for being a part of the conversation with me and for coming alongside me as I come alongside others through creativity all around the world. 

Much Love to you all. 

c. 2018 Lisa Marten
24x30 mixed media on canvas

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm part of the planning team for this National Art and Ministry Conference held in Boise, Idaho...and Registration is Open Now.

The NEW WEBSITE IS ACTIVE and REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the June 7-10, 2018 REFLECT: CONFERENCE FOR THE ARTS held in Boise, Idaho (formerly known as The Creative Church Conference in Boise). 

GO TO: to learn more about REFLECT and to REGISTER for the 2018 Conference in Boise. 

This would be a great Christmas gift to a creative you may know (or for yourself!)
3 Reasons to register early:
1) space is limited, as we're holding the conference in a more intimate, smaller setting
2) it will probably be our last arts conference in Boise for a few years, as we aim to expand this conference to multiple cities around the United States after 2018
3) our hotel discount and childcare have earlier cutoff dates this year, so don't delay (and the registration cost will increase 3 weeks before the conference)

Our 2018 Speakers/Artists are:

Scott Erickson (Live Painter-Portland, OR)

Andrew Nemr (Tap Artist-New York City, NY)

Marlita Hill (Choreographer-Los Angeles, CA)

Michael Gatlin (Pastor and Artist-Duluth, MN)

Justin Nielsen (Music Instructor-Boise, ID)

Kobe Watkins Grouptet (Musicians-Chicago, IL)

Dave Blakeslee (Pastor and Potter-Salida, CO)

Rick Jenkins (Potter-Boise, ID)

Dean Estes (Sculptor and Painter-Boise, ID)

Travis and Kathy Nelson (Writers/Poets/Photographers/Artists-Boise, ID)

Jessie Nilo (Visual Artist/Designer/Illustrator, Founder/Director of VineArts Boise and Art Fruition and REFLECT Conference for the Arts-Boise, ID)

(along with several other Artists, Musicians, Art Ministers, Pastors, Prayer Ministers, Creatives and Volunteers, who will be teaching workshops, volunteering, catering, interceding and creating an amazing 4 day experience for us all)

GO TO: and register today! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Art Fruition: an on-line Art Ministry Course

Have you ever asked the questions: 
WHO are Artists? 
WHAT is Ministry? 
WHAT is ART Ministry? 
WHO can do Art Ministry? 
HOW does one launch an Art Ministry? 
WHERE can someone learn more about HOW they can be involved in Art Ministry?

ART FRUITION is an on-line Art Ministry Course designed to help answer these questions and guide you to your next step.

Check out the video here below created by Jessie Nilo (founder of ART FRUITION and VineArts Boise, an Art Ministry in Boise, Idaho) to learn more: 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Commissioned and Thankful.

Photo Credit: Starry Night Media 
photo taken while I was sharing about my trip with the group and they were giving feedback to me


Thankful for family and friends and all of you who come alongside me as I embark on these trips through art ministry. You are equally a part of this.  I am so thankful for you. 

It's not about me. 
It's not even about the art.
It's always going to be about God's heart and love for people. 

We get to collaborate listen in on the conversations that God is already having with people and to enter into those conversations in creative love on people. 

I'm so thankful.

Thankful for friends that become mentors. Thankful for mentors that become friends. 
I couldn't come alongside others as a Traveling Art Minister without the support of those who come alongside me. 

Within the first week or so of arriving back from a trip I try to schedule a gathering with my Commissioning Group (a group of 13 pastors, mentors, friends who have surrounded me from the beginning to support in heart and spirit what I get to do as I listen in and join the conversations that God is already having with people around this world, through creativity and relational ministry). 

photo taken on the night of my official Commissioning and Sending Out in 2012

They pray for me, plan with me, dream with me, send me out, converse daily with me, counsel with me and keep me accountable through the hard times, debrief with me when I return, and get to be a part of this worldwide creative conversation first hand. They are my surrounding support through the coming and the going, through the ups and the downs, through the heartaches and the rejoicing, through the active accounts and the tedious details. They are the behind the scenes...they are the faces of faithful love. 

I met with them this past weekend and I found myself immersed in eucharisteo (thanksgiving) as I debriefed my recent trip with them. 

They are my Tribe. 

They have been with me throughout my traveling journeys praying for me, conversing with me, speaking into my life, keeping me accountable along the way, giving insight, watching me grow and change with each trip, crying with me, laughing with me, challenging me, giving grace, cheering me on. 

They care deeply not only for me but also for each group of people that I go to connect with elsewheres through creativity. They are a part of each conversation that I get to be a part of throughout my travels. 

They meet with me before each trip. They message and communicate with me during each trip. They meet with me after each trip. And they stay connected with me between trips. 
I'm grateful for who they are...each of them contributing their unique voice to the conversation. 

They love well. 

This time was no exception...and I am so thankful. 
They matter greatly to me. 

We get to do this's a collaboration.

I'd like you to meet them:

Dean and Judi Estes
Art Ministers, Creatives, and Mentors. 
They are both retired...but still find ministering a full time lifestyle. Dean is a professional Sculptor and Painter, and I consider him a conversation artist too. Judi's art is cooking delicious food, but she used to work in the medical fields! They are the parents of Trevor Estes, the head Pastor at my home church Vineyard Boise in Boise, Idaho.

Jessie and Dom Nilo
Art Ministers, Creatives, and Mentors. 
...who also have 3 amazingly creative and talented adult and teens! Dom and Jessie have served in the US Air force as engineers which took them all over the world, they both love to serve their local church through various ministries, and have a real heart to reach youth and young adults. And they have done short term missions trips to serve overseas. Dom is on the facilities crew at Vineyard Boise. Jessie is the founder of VineArts Boise (a local art ministry at Vineyard Boise church) and Art Fruition (an on-line art ministry school) and is a professional Artist, Graphic Designer, and Art Teacher.

LaWayne and Mike Freeman
Art Ministers, Creatives, and Mentors. 
...and they are incredible dancers! They both have served at various churches over the years and have 5 amazing adult children who are also incredibly talented and creative. They both also have traveled around the world doing short term missions. LaWayne works at a clinic in Boise. Mike is an Associate Pastor at my home church Vineyard Boise in Boise, Idaho...and is the official "book sniffer"...he loves books and teaching from deep wells of theology. 

Jamie and Chad Estes
Art Ministers, Creatives, and Mentors. 
...they have a wonderful ministry to those who find themselves outside the walls of churches. They both served as leaders within Youth With A Mission for several years, have traveled all over the world, and lived in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Chad served as a Pastor for several years. Jamie works in the health care field. Chad is the oldest son of Dean and Judi and the brother of the head pastor at Vineyard Boise, Trevor. Chad is a photographer and writer and has a ministry telling the heart wrenching stories of breast cancer survivors through photo and word (The Reveal Mission). They have 4 adult and teen children who are also serving their communities and the world. 

Paul and Sarah Goetter
Art Ministers, Creatives, and Mentors. 
...and goofballs who have 3 of the cutest kids on the planet and a dog that is loveably weird. Paul has been a Worship and Youth Pastor. He is an incredible musician. And he's a talented salesman. Sarah is a Photographer and talented Artist and Teacher. They have a heart to minister to creatives of all ages in and out of the church. 

Ron and Sherri Coffield
Art Ministers, Creatives, Mentors. 
They met later in life and integrated 2 families together. The life experience that both Ron and Sherri bring to ministry is full of depth and absolutely priceless. Ron works in comp tech fields. Sherri is a professional Artist who loves to give her time to ministering to other creatives and also to those outside the walls of churches. 

Jennifer Metts
Art Minister, Creative, Mentor.
Jen is a New Zealander born in India that has traveled all over the world. She's a Natural Health Therapist and talented Artist who has a heart to see people reach their goals and dreams at their full potentials. Though Jen has worked and ministered within churches in the past, she now finds herself reaching people outside the walls of churches. She has 2 adult children who are also creatively talented and have huge hearts for loving people. 

They are my Commissioning Tribe. 
And they are praying for you...
for any of you who I travel to and get to come alongside and minister with/to through creativity. 
They are your Tribe too. 
We are in this together. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Talk About Re-Entry. Let's Talk About Collaboration.

24x30 mixed media on canvas
c. 2016 Lisa Marten

I've been home for about two and a half weeks from my overseas art ministry trip to Thailand. I'm through the worst of the jet lag and have also come through the more difficult counter culture shock of re-entry.  I've been working on processing and debriefing my trip with members of my Commissioning Community, along with close friends and family...and I've also been emailing and processing with my friends in Thailand (which has been a wonderful way to keep the conversation going post trip).

The more I travel as an art minister-missionary, the more I learn about what I need to do to prepare myself for a trip and also what I need to do to help myself upon arriving back home from a trip. I have found over the years that in talking with people who travel regularly (either for business or vacation or ministry-missions) most people understand the preparation period necessary before a trip, but few understand the period of time needed to re-enter and debrief after a trip. In fact I would say...this is one area that most churches and organizations and even family and friends are lacking in understanding just what is really needed for the return traveler (whether that traveler be a minister-missionary, someone serving in the military or humanitarian outreach or crisis organizations, even the business traveler or vacationer-anyone going somewhere else for a length of time experiencing different cultures and people)...a safe place to land when they arrive home is what is needed in order to process through their experiences and allow themselves to integrate back into their life at home. 

Re-entry can be devastatingly harsh sometimes. But it doesn't have to be. 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a Commissioning Community and close friends and family and a home church that know and love me dearly and have walked with me through these trips long enough to know how best to help me through re-entry and debrief each time. 

It's taken a lot of grace and love and time spent listening to me sharing and time spent responding and asking questions on their part...and it's taken a lot of grace and love and time spent sharing and perhaps even crying  as I work through my emotions from what I experienced and listening to their  feedback and journaling on my part. I've had to learn to give myself time to adjust (especially when jet lag is a factor) to coming back into my own culture after being immersed in another culture (and seeing it and it's people through the loving eyes of God). 

While I'm out on a trip (along with blogging about the things I'm doing and the people I'm connecting with) I communicate with my Commissioning Community about each day (and gain feedback from them) as a way of helping myself process.  I try to spend time either throughout a trip or at the end of a trip debriefing with my host connections. I will journal each day on the trip and process re-entry questions with myself while traveling home on planes. And within my first few weeks of being home from a trip I meet (either all at once or one on one) with members of my Commissioning Community and other close friends and family to process and debrief my trip. It's all helpful for me and a reminder of the purpose and point of why I'm traveling as an Art Minister-Missionary. 

***These are the questions I journal with myself on the plane home after a trip (credit goes to Kel & Sharon Fowler for teaching me). I ask these questions about the trip overall and for each art ministry activity, each encounter, each moment that I recognize as a part of the "conversation"... 

1) What was God doing?
2) What was God saying?
3) What was the best part?
4) What was the worst part?
5) What is something I could've done better? 

These trips aren't vacations (though I get to experience different places, cultures, people, foods, arts, and recreation along the way). They're about people. They're about relationships. They're specific moments of time spent listening in on the conversations that God is having with people in other places. They're opportunities of getting to enter into those conversations in creative ways that open doors to hearts. And it's in those moments and opportunities that I get to hear God's heart for them...and I get to share His Love with them. And in often, they share that Love right back to me. And it's a beautiful cross cultural exchange. No borders. No walls. Art is the language that we mutually speak. And the conversation opens hearts towards each other and towards God. 

Every trip looks different. Yes. 

Every trip I come back changed. Every trip opens my heart to another place and another people. I come back displaced. Every trip shifts my frame of reference. Every trip messes with how I see my world. Every trip opens my heart bigger. Every trip shows me that home is truly where my heart is. And in the Kingdom...our hearts are home in Him. Every trip I long for more. 

And that's not a bad thing. 

This is actually one of the perks of being a Traveling Art Minister-Missionary. I am changed...every time. 

I've had to learn that it takes time to adjust back. I will be able to integrate what I've learned and experienced from a trip into my daily life here at home...but it takes time. And I am so thankful for friends and family who understand that and get me during the transition period of re-entry. I am grateful for their grace and love. 

One of the biggest things I recognize is that though I am called to GO...I know in my knower I can't do this alone. I wasn't meant to.  It's a collaboration. We all have a part in this. 

There are those of you who are praying for me, for the trips, for the people I'm connecting with. There are those of you who are financially giving to the trips (one time, monthly, specific trips). There are those of you who are donating art supplies to the trips. There are those of you who subscribing to this blog and are listening to the stories of real hearts, real people, and keeping them alive. There are those of you who are on the other side of this and are receiving me in your homes and inviting me into your lives and your ministries and the people you are loving on daily. There are those of you who are those very people we're all just wanting to love on. There are those of you who may not even know you're a part of the process but you're vitally important along the way. 

It's a convergence of Love! 

No part is better than another. We are all needed. Yes, I'm the one going on these specific trips but there are so many people involved in this collaboration and it's NOT ABOUT ME. We are all in this together. We all matter. We are all making a difference by spreading the love of God through creative ways across this globe. 

This last weekend I spent my Sabbath in my art studio painting. It was a wonderful way to worship and integrate back in. And as an was therapeutic to create and pour out onto the canvas what has been inside me. 

I completed a painting I've titled "Collaboration Convergence". It's come about after 6 months of conversations, collaborations, connections, creations, revelations, conferences, travels, retreats, coffee times, meals eaten in community, listening, sharing, expressing, layer exploring, and seeing. In fact the canvas itself had been painted on several times and morphed and changed to reveal what was hidden. I've attached a photo of the painting at the top of this post. It's a 24x30 mixed media abstract expressionist painting on canvas. The image is of people helping each other get water out of a jug. It's a culmination of all of us working together to drink deeply.  

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of the "collaboration convergence"...who have been a part of the conversation...we're in this together. 

As I continue my re-entry I am confident that there is so much more to the conversation and He will continue to beckon me out the door into the deep...and when He does, I will go.

But right now, in this moment....I can be still...and know...I have a soft place to land. And He is God. 

***For those interested in more about how to work through re-entry (either for yourself or for others) I highly recommend the YWAM books "Re-Entry" by Peter Jordan. and "Friend Raising" by Betty Barnett. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jet Lag and Time Travel and ReEntry

Traveling from country to country, continent to continent, across oceans and land masses around this tiny planet we call home that spins it's way around the sun in our galaxy is the closest I'll get to time travel. 

I'm currently back home in Idaho from my trip to Thailand and have been maneuvering my way through jet lag. Jet lag...a compact word meaning the rebellion of my body and mind to the effects of forced time travel. 

Sleeplessness. Fatigue. Coma-like sleep. Muscle ache. Hunger off schedule. Ears ringing. Vertigo. Mind fog. Tunnel Worm Hole -like concentration. It's all a part of the process. 

I have found that going to my destinations seem easier than the return home. I'm not sure why. Some trips are easier than others. This trip...has been a trip! I would say it's one of the worst I've experienced. The worst being when I returned home to Idaho after living in Scotland for almost a year. That jet lag took me out for  several weeks (I can only guess because of the length of time I had lived in Scotland). 

Though I was only gone for 2 1/2 weeks for this trip, the extent of the jet lag has hit me pretty hard (much harder than what I experience when I go to Europe for only a couple of weeks). I'm reassured by those who have experienced similar trips to and from Asia that what I'm experiencing this time is normal. 

The rotation of the earth. The numerous time zone leaps (Thailand is 13 hours ahead of Idaho, so when I traveled over there I launched into the future, but when I traveled back I re-lived a day). The extended travel days on either end of my trip (riding in cars for numerous hours, sitting in planes for extended hours, layovers in airports, carrying baggage, customs and immigrations lines). It all factors in. And my body is not happy for it. 

Be good to yourself. Grace. I need to give myself and my body grace to adjust back. It takes time. 


Oh how I'm longing for the true invention and utilization of Cryogenic Sleep Chambers for space/time travel! 

And then there's this thing called "RE-ENTRY" (counter-culture shock). Adjusting back to my own culture after having been immersed in a different culture. It can be shocking to the system. My mind thinks..."wait, where am I? how should I respond?" Part of me just got used to doing things the Thai way...and now I'm back in the States and having to go back to the American way. It all is a bit confusing at the moment. This is a phenomena I experience after every trip I take (no matter what country or culture I immerse myself in). Re-Entry (and reverse culture shock) can be harsh  upon me depending upon how much I allowed myself to integrate into the culture I was visiting. 

My goal: Integration throughout. I always want to be changed because of a place/culture/people I've experienced. I never want to come back the same. And part of my goal is to integrate what I've learned from that culture and who I became because of my experiences of that culture into where I live and what my life is and who I am amidst my own culture. 

These are things you can pray for. We're in this together...and I appreciate your prayers as I maneuver through jet lag and re-entry...and adjust back from this trip, allowing for integration in the here and now and look towards the future and to the next trip. 

May we continue to paint on people's lives in creative ways together. I love what we get to do. 

Now...I think I'm gonna go take a nap ;) 

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's about the Conversation.

For those of you who are either new to this blog or unaware of what I could possibly be talking about in that title...let me explain. You may not know, that along with being a full time working artist with a business called "revelatorART", I am also a Traveling Art Minister. If you're unfamiliar with what Art Ministry is, what a Traveling Art Minister is, and might be wondering what the heck does this have to do with art and why should I care...let me introduce myself...

My name is Lisa Marten. I’ve been a full time working artist for 17 years. I utilize many different mediums and a variety of artforms within my art business called “revelatorART”, and my performance art company called “Marten Evergreen”. This includes commissioned studio work, contracted mural work, live painting engagements, teaching private art lessons, one person and multi-artist art exhibits and art shows, live performances including painting-choreographed dance-music and spoken word, and number of other creative endeavors that I gain employment for. Along with art being a way of life for me and the way that I gain income, art has also been a way to minister to others. And for me, this is an important part of who I am. What do I mean by all of this? 

Here's a bit of my story... 

I started out as an Art Major at Seattle Pacific University. Art has always been a part of my life. My journey has taken me on some creative adventures. I have a BA in Youth Ministry (’92)-which is about mentoring youth-and a second BA in Behavioral Science (’95)-which is counseling/psychology training. Both degrees are from Northwest University in the Seattle area. I also have a 6 month course completion certificate from The Harvest Ministry College (a ministry/missions/leadership training school) in Glasgow, Scotland ('02).  

Throughout my working career, I have utilized art therapy with children and adults (in professional psychoanalyst therapeutic settings, in public art workshop settings, along with private studio art therapy sessions) and have seen the healing and therapeutic results of art when people allow themselves to connect to their hearts through creativity. I truly care about people's well being and enjoy getting see people discover important things within them as they pursue their own life journeys. It was this connection of art and therapy and ministry and missions that has led me down a path that is quite new and cutting edge in our world today.  

What is "Ministry" or a "Minister":

I've been a volunteer Art Minister and leader with an Arts Ministry called VineArts at the Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Boise, Idaho since 2005. And it's been through this experience that I've learned that at the core of who I am...I am a "Minister" and specifically, an "Art Minister". You may be asking...What is "Ministry" and what is a "Minister"?  Some of you may have heard the terms used in a Governmental setting. Others may have heard the terms used in a Church setting. The terms are typically used to describe someone's job description or a title for a group of people who are doing a specific task and might be relegated to only those who are given a specific profession. 

I use the terms a bit different. I use them more as verbs...action oriented. I use them to be inclusive (not exclusive). The easiest way I can describe "Ministry" (the way I see it) is "Mentoring". Mentoring is more than teaching a specific subject or coaching a specific's coming alongside others and caring for them in such a way that helps to bring out the best of who they are (think Mr. Miagee in The Karate Kid...he did more than teach karate, or coach self defense skills...he mentored life to Daniel). Mentoring can be accomplished in countless ways and look like just about anything.  

I’ve ministered to (mentored) people of all ages through creative activities and artistic focus within ministry (mentoring). I've curated a gallery for 6 years which allows for artists of all ages and skill levels to learn that what they create is important and worth being seen, and have led small group ministry (mentoring) to artists allowing for safe places for them to explore and pursue who they are at their core. I’ve worked side by side with other Art Ministers connecting with artists and getting to see people gain a deeper understanding of themselves as creative beings created by God. I have been and am currently also a part of a group of ecumenical Art Ministers from around the United States, Canada, and the UK who meet annually in Texas to cross pollinate and learn from each other.

I love to travel. My father was in the US Navy and so I've grown up traveling. As an adult, I have found that I have an innate desire to travel and experience other places, cultures, people in this world along with my own. I have traveled throughout the US and overseas (and have lived overseas). Throughout the years I’ve traveled around the world (sometimes for exploring and sometimes to serve and help in other countries). Regardless what the trip might be for, I’ve always found myself doing art and connecting with other artists on my travels. My training in all of these areas (whether organized or organic) has prepared me for what I am doing today.

What is "Art Ministry"? or an "Art Minister"?: 

An "Art Minister" is someone who mentors others through creativity, and oftentimes will specifically mentor Artists. It was in 2010 that I recognized how I could join art and ministry (mentoring) and missions (mentoring in places beyond what I have known) together by traveling to places where I already have connections (people I’ve met throughout the years who are already living and serving abroad to communities small and large, whether through the influence of specific churches, world wide missions organizations, business in communities, or relationship with others) to bring art as a form of ministry to those communities in creative ways. It’s this endeavor that I want to bring to your attention to share my heart with you about. I take art and ministry around the world.

You see I really do believe that creativity is a language that transcends all other languages, all nations, cultures, and borders (all cultures throughout history have their own forms of art, music, textiles, stories, etc.). It's a language we all's the language of our Creator (no matter what religion people have faith in, there is art that expresses that religion). It may look or sound a bit different depending upon where we live and who we are, and some of us might be a bit rusty at first engagement, but it's a language that we all speak. 

About the Conversation:

I believe Creativity is like a conversation. There are conversations going on all the time. Conversations with the people and the work of their hands, with people and God, with people and nature, with people and humankind, with people and self. Creativity allows me to come alongside others and enter into the conversations that are already happening with them. I love listening to the conversations (it's an honor, a sacred thing). If I'm invited into the conversations this brings about collaboration. Collaboration is an invitation to the sharing of ideas and it's a huge part of building relationship. I believe humankind is a relational people. We need each other. I believe we were created that way by a creative God who is all about relationship with us. And I believe we've been given creativity as a language to relate to each other with. When we connect into the conversation through creativity and allow for collaboration, we are helping to build community together and this helps foster relationship. And the walls become invisible between us. 

How Do I "Do" This "Traveling Art Ministry"?:

Since I started traveling for this purpose I have been able to do art and ministry in countries like Ireland, Ecuador, New Zealand, Lithuania, Scotland, Canada and throughout the USA (on and off the mainland), and I am currently in the process of planning an upcoming trip to Thailand. I have mostly traveled on my own...but have also traveled with other Art Ministers

Each of these trips looks different from the other as they are hand tailored to the specific country, culture, people, ecumenical relationships and needs of those I would be ministering to. Most of my work has been with adults but I have also worked with youth and children also. I’ve done anything from facilitating collaborative art projects for large and small groups, designing and implementing community art murals, leading small group therapeutic or ministerial art activities, painting live for local events, painting live for worship services, painting live/accompanying a pastor’s sermon for church services, painting live and speaking the sermon for church services, meeting with artistic groups to discuss how to implement creative art ministry, and allowing for relational ministry (however that needs to look). 

How do I fund these trips? It's all done out of my own pocket and by those who individually desire to generously gift to me. Let me be clear, I am not getting paid to do this. I get no monies from the government, churches, missions organizations, or any other official institution to take these travels. Unlike my art business, I don't require my hosts (whom I already have friendship with) to pay me for these "Art Ministry Trips". The only thing I ask is to be able to stay with them and eat with them while I'm with them). I fund these trips through relationship. It's a free gift. I give the time. I give the mentoring. I give the art. It's about relationship. Human to human. Heart to heart.

In 2012 I formed a group of 12 Pastors and Art Ministers (from different church denominations) surrounding me who serve as my "Commissioning Group". Why and What is that you ask? My "Commissioning Group" provide support, prayer, and accountability. There's a lot involved (behind the scenes) to do a trip like I do. And though I am often the sole person on these trips...they are as much a part of them as I am. My "Commissioning Group" meets with me before my trips to help me prepare. I do tons of research about the places, people, cultures, and specific needs of those I will be traveling to. My "Commissioning Group" partners with me in helping me to prepare for the trips. They message with me daily while I am out on the trips (keeping in contact and up to date on how things are going). And they debrief with me once I am back from my trips (helping me process through my experiences and what I've learned). They are my lifeline while I am out on the field and they are my soft place to land when I come back. 

Why I DO this thing called "Art Ministry":

Because I am compelled. One thing I’ve learned through what I get to do as an "Art Minister"…it’s not about me (I'm not traveling with these trips so I can gain or so I can see the world or so I can be known)'s about relationship with others. And...(unlike creating a painting for a paying client whom I'm contracted with through my art business) it’s not really about the art either (the art is the starting point). It will always be about relationship. Heart to heart. About God’s heart for people and how connecting with other humans is an important part of ministry (mentoring). What I get to do as an "Art Minister" is to be a part of conversation in collaboration (between me and God and my hosts, and those we’re ministering to, and those who are praying and supporting and donating supplies for the activities, etc.) and it’s a privilege to be a part of it throughout this world in so many places and in so many ways.  We all get to play in some way. What I have found is that my purpose and point out there on these trips usually has so many layers it's difficult to say "this is why I am going" or "this is why I went". But I what I do know is that there is usually deep stuff taking place within all involved and my presence on the trip (however long and however it looked) was an important part of this journey we call life together. 

I am very appreciative of all of my experiences. The training I received throughout my education, along with work and volunteer experiences, was the beginning of an incredible adventure that God set before me. Today, as a "Traveling Art Minister", I love what I get to do. I get to paint on people’s lives. 

Would you like to partner with me on these Art Ministry adventures?

For those of you who might be interested in this aspect of what I do, would you want  to partner with me in prayer as I continue to listen to the conversation and enter into it through creative Traveling Art Ministry? You see, we’re in this together. I really do believe I take you with me wherever I go. You’re a part of this adventure as much as I am. I appreciate your prayers and your encouragement more than you realize.

And If you're interested in individually contributing through a financial gift or art supplies to help towards a future trip...Contact me at:

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And if you are interested in hosting me on a future Art Ministry adventure, where I can partner with you to connect through creativity with those you are already reaching in your community, please contact me.

Thank you. 
Lisa Marten

Adventures Pursued:
Scotland/UK (2000-2002)
New Zealand 2011
Lithuania 2012
Alaska 2012
Scotland 2012
Pacific Northwest 2013
*Seattle, WA
*Vancouver Canada
*Bellingham, WA
*Portland, OR
Hawaii 2014
Seattle 2014
Oregon Coast 2014
Maui 2015
Lithuania 2015

Travels with VineArts:
Ireland 2008 
Ecuador (La Vina Quito) 2010
Annual Art Ministers Retreat. Laity Lodge, Texas (2010-2015)
CIVA Conference 2011
Vineyard USA Conference 2013

Local Pursuits:
Leadership with VineArts Ministry at Vineyard Boise Church (since 2005)

Creative Church Conference Staff (2012, 2014, 2016)

My own art business: revelatorART

Live Painting at churches, concerts, fundraisers, and art events 
Performance Art at art events with Marten Evergreen

There are more Art and Ministry and Travels to come!
I’m always open for wherever the conversation leads me.

Mystic Lover
24x36 mixed media on canvas
This is the 4th painting in my "revelator" self portrait series.
Original not for sale. Prints Available.